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Im Back Date: Aug 13th @ 5:17am EDT
Hey guys after a couple of days not being online I am going to be online all day today. Today is a model contest and also a DEAL day for you too! Saving $$ on your credits.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, and a good week so far, I have been chillin out for the past couple of days recharging ;)

Hope to see you today in my room as I say I will be online all day and into the night too, so if you visit the network im sure you will see me, if however for some reason I have logged off, I will be back soon, and wont be off for very long.

Send me a message to tell me to get my ass back online :) if im not around.

As always guys follow me on twitter and add me to your favourites so that you know when I am here and ready to play.

I have won a couple of these contests now and would like to win again today.

I have also edited a lot of my VODs so check them out too!!

See you guys in my room.

Ant x

Help me reach todays model contest come and see me and lets have lots of fun! :)
TGIF Date: Aug 8th @ 8:59am EDT
So Friday is here that means the weekend is upon us and we can let loose and have some fun! :) I will be online tonight, already online today for a couple hours, thanks to everyone who came by and said hey and had some private time with me, always great to see u guys have a chat, laugh and some naughty fun :)

Hope you guys have all had a great week! and looking forward to the weekend, I don't have much plans as yet but we will see what happens :) I will be here though, you can count on that.

Follow me on twitter, and add me to your notifications so you know exactly when I am online.

As I say I will be online again tonight or maybe in a couple hours.

Take care all and I will see you in my room soon!!

- Just to let you guys know me and Ale will be online together Sunday, so be sure to check us out as we don't duo as much as we used to, hope you guys can stop by and see us, we have some hard fucking to catch up on haha.

Bye for now, have a great Friday and I will see you tonight and over the weekend :) take care men xx
Mid Week Date: Aug 6th @ 1:49pm EDT
Hey guys sorry I haven't been online much the past couple of days, had some crazy days off decided to take one off then ended up coming here with Ale :) fucked his hole good!! Has been a while since we have been online together so it was cool to spend time together here and fuck hard ;)

So how has your week been guys? Anyone been doing anything exciting?

Hope you are all well.

I have been preparing some new photos which I think look good and will be a great new addition to my Bio page here.

So I have been online for a couple hours today, but not seen many of you guys seems quite quiet in my room today, so Im gonna go chill for abit and get something to eat then I will be spending the night with you all :) hope you can join me, we can have some naughty fun together, I need to cum hard!!

Don't forget to sign up for online notifications here on the site and also follow me on twitter, check my Bio page for details ;) so that you know when Im horny, online and ready to play.

Hope to see you guys later on today/evening/tonight wherever you are in the world :)

Take it easy,

Speak soon

Ant xx
Saturday Date: Aug 2nd @ 10:22am EDT
Hey guys hope you are well and having a great weekend so far, what you got planned? Ive not been up to much, just been chillin. I went online earlier today and have some leather fun with a couple of guys :) I was in a harness and in my tight leather briefs, seems there are a lot of leather lovers around the past couple of days and I am happy that you choose me to play with :)

I have been customizing a my latest VODs today so be sure to check them out they now have titles and descriptions so you know what you are gonna get! Cum shots, big hard cock and anal fun :)

My private shows are becoming more and more diverse and there is a good mix of different VODs so be sure to check some of them out :)

I have spent some time today sending gifts and emails to you, if you haven't got anything from me yet you will do :) I always thank everyone who spends time with me, as I want to build a connection with you guys and become friends so we can have the best times together :)

Hope you guys are good, I am online within the hour so will be good to see you in my room :) if you have some spare time and want a little FLIRT :)

Take care guys

Ant x
Friday Date: Aug 1st @ 1:14pm EDT
Hey guys the weeks go so fast don't they? Weekend again, that means that I will be on a lot more, so that I can see all of you who stop by and visit me in my room.

Had a great day so far today, had a few naughty private chats with some of you (you know who you are!) along with some leather fun, love it, so hot and wearing my tight leather underwear and harness just makes me hotter and hornier!

What you guys got planned this weekend? Anything exciting?

As I say I will be here hope you can join me :)

Thanks for a great week guys, I won one of the model contests on Tuesday which was great! first time solo I have accomplished so much, but I couldn't have done it without you guys! You are all amazing. I love being with you and you guys entertain me and keep me smiling and laughing along the way :)

Anyways I got some VODs to be writing about, Ive slipped recently as I always edit 90 % of my VODs so you guys know exactly what you have in store for you, but obviously not giving away any surprises lol

Anyways take care guys speak to you soon, see you online either later today/tonight, or tomorrow will catch up with you at some point :)

Take it easy.

Ant x
Hey Date: Jul 30th @ 1:18pm EDT
Hey guys, how are we all?

Just wanted to take some time to write in my blog and tell you that I won the model contest yesterday :) thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday, had so much fun with you, we had some laughs and so hot fucking sexy time!

Hope you all enjoyed my new toy (wink wink).

Couldn't have done it without you so thank you once again.

I am not online today as I am so tired, I didn't go to sleep after I came offline I stayed up and watched way too much TV, my own fault but needed today to chill :)

I will be back online tomorrow, with Ale too its been a while since we have been online together so looking forward to it, so if you are a fan of A&A get you ass online and play with us :)

Hope you are all having a good day, whatever it is you are doing, and I will see you guys tomorrow. Don't forget to add me to your favourites and sign up for online notification and follow me so you know when I am LIVE and ready to play :)

Take care guys, hopefully see you tomorrow :)

Ant x
Hi men Date: Jul 27th @ 2:39pm EDT
Hey hows it goin men? - Hope you are all having a great weekend.

I went online today and had a lot of fun with you, thanks to everyone who came in my room to have some fun :)

I've had a good time with you today, enjoyed a couple of privates with a select few and it was fucking hot! Dildo play, and I came so fucking hard all over my hairy bod.

Thanks to everyone who followed me over the last couple of days on Twitter, I have yet to say hello to you but I will get around to it :)

So today I went shopping needed some new clothes, it was fun, the weather is so nice so enjoying being out and about in the sun and enjoying the summer whilst its hear, hopefully tomorrow I will be going sun bathing with will be nice I need to top up the tan! :P

Gym is going well I don't pretend to be all muscled and hard lol I'm not, I do wanna bulk up a little and get some definition thanks to all of you who have noticed lol, appreciate it, and it only encourages me to go hard at it the next time ;)

Thanks to all of you who actually read my blogs, they are a little all over the place I just sit down chill and type talking about whatever enters my head, like sexual experiences, my time online, and what I have done that day lol. Thanks though I do appreciate it :)

So anyways guys tomorrow I am going to be taking some new photos so look out for those, having a mini photoshoot :) might slip in some naked ones in there too on my profile if not they will defiantly be in my Fan Club.

Take care guys and I will see you later today if not tomorrow :)

Oh me and Ale will be online all day Tuesday we have a big contest to win!! So come along and help us out and have some barebacking, sweaty fuck fun with me and Mr.King

Enjoy the rest of your weekend boys

Hey boys Date: Jul 23rd @ 12:10pm EDT
Hey boys how are we all?

I have been having a fun time with you all :) Yesterday I had a fucking hot Oil show :P I got myself all oiled up rubbing it all over my body (felt so good!!) rubbing it all over my cock and balls too :P felt so good. I then cummed all over my hairy belly and ate it all up :P Yummy! Check out the VOD.

After the private I went outside and sun bathed for a bit, though it cook myself up a little topping up my tan whilst the weather is good lol.

So...Wednesday already time flies! What have you been up to this week?

I will be online later this evening and tonight, I went out last night and feel a little hungover - I hate when I feel this way but never learn, does anyone though? lol

I had a good night so all good really, I always feel extra horny when I feel this way is that weird? - Like I wanna be fucked, I don't get it either lol.

Anyways I am at the moment working on some new pics and videos for you to enjoy so keep checkin out my Bio page, also sorting out the VODs so you guys know exactly what happens and what your in for! :P Though I don't give away any surprises :P

Hope you guys are good and are having a good week so far.

Take it easy and I hope you will join me later today :P

Sunday Morning Date: Jul 20th @ 5:39am EDT
Morning guys so I'm laid in bed on a beautiful sunny sunday morning typing this blog and editing the text for my VODs as I always do, I like to include whats in the video so you guys can see what it contains etc.. :P

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far.

Do you guys have any trips planned? Vacations/Holidays?

I don't as yet, really wanna get round Europe some where not sure perhaps I'll try Italy, not been there at all yet, like the idea of Venice, it looks nice and different, any of you been?

So I've finished the complete boxset of Breaking Bad, I have to say it was one of the best TV shows I have ever seen!!

I need a good TV show to watch now any suggestions guys?

I already watch - Walking Dead, Revenge, Devious Maids, Family Guy, American Dad...

So any suggestions give them to me ;)

Ale and I were online together yesterday had a great time, feet worship, and fucking good!

I was bottom and got fucked hard and good riding cock, Im usually a top but I do love to be dominated its such a big turn on for me, as I like to have control so its hot when a guy takes it and fucks me hard!!

Online later today see you there!

Ant x

Weekend is here Date: Jul 19th @ 4:32am EDT
Its the weekend looking forward to my time online today hope to see you in my room!

Got much planned this weekend boys? I plan to spend most of the day online and also take some time out to go to the beach with friends.

Hope you all have had a good week, take some time today and tomorrow to visit me in my room to chat and chill, and have some hot fucking sexy fun with me Mr. West!

I also plan to have a photoshoot today lol so look out for the new pics I will be added to my Bio Page and also in my Fan Club, I will also be uploading some Fan Club only VODs so be sure to sign up and watch them as many times as you like.

I have had a great week here so far, thanks for all the private times I have had fun with you guys and also thanks for all the tips and boostpoints you have sent me they really do help! As I am still kinda new on my solo account.

Ale will be joining me over the weekend so if you guys have any requests just send us a message and we will be ready for you :)

Also watch out for new videos on my Bio page, introducing myself and teasing you into a private show with me ;)

Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content.